British Navy Man

The odds were in the past

that he could die of scurvy..

from not enough C

on the high seas..

the body bloating, the tongue swelling

or of maggoty meat

.. or of the storm's waves..

He could be hanged on the whim

of the admiral

or set afire by enemy ships

or drowned by pirate boat rams

or die of thirst

as the ship was lost..

He could go crazy from

the boredom and confinement

but some have saltwater

instead of blood in their


and are not at home

unless on the main



This current



dead soldiers'


coming home

wrapped in flags

.. dead animals'


wrapped in buns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Deep sea fishing
is the most dangerous
of all nonmilitary

The Course In Miracles
says that evil is
not the opposite of
love.. for love circumscribes
all and therefore
has no opposite.

The film Longitude
which provided 3 ideas
for this poem..
stated that the best
way to take maggots
out of bread.. is
to put the bread
by meat.. they will
crawl to the dead flesh

Not meant to indict
baby flies (maggots)

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