Red Crescent Red Cross, Disguise Of Spies


Peace will give rest

to Red Cross

and Red Crescent

.. time to view

the dawn rhodescent

as it melts

mars tinged moon crescent

(not an endorsement of Red Cross
Wall St or pharmaceutical connections... nor of their
treatment of animals in disasters )


The disguise
of spies..
infinite in variety.....
street people, a tiny percentage of door to door
Jehovah's Witnesses,
utility meter readers, private package bearers
and women mail carriers, the man or
woman who comes on to you, the network anchor.
talk show host, metropolitan newspaper politics writer,
the senator who votes for war, the mystery writers
who go along with disinformation to be published
on sacrificed trees and
in audio books.
Beyond the disguise
of spies
is the God of all
shining in their eyes...
even though, unripe souls,
they have more lives to live
in the world they
have made more violent.

-© saiom shriver-

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