Short Peace Poems


Oh God to You we give thanks... that in time Polish horses... defeat Nazi tanks (to Alex Hershaft)


How many have been frozen bombed starved or blown apart by Hitler, Bush, Genghis Khan, Churchill, or Bonaparte?


Weary ants rest on the pillows of soft pussywillows while a family of ducks floats on seabillows


Pansies fringe the rusting panzers


Ivy and violets vy not with the violent.


As the unchanging blue waters of the lake reflect

the gold, crimson, pink and saffron of the changing fall

so the peaceful soul absorbs the ups and downs of those

in crisis


Above a battle grey with smoke and crimson with blood in silent

contrast break pastels from the palate of sunrise.


The groves of life randomly grow

but Arlington's deathbloom

  graves... are set in rows


a deep pool at every waterfall base

.. postcrisis waters of God's resting grace


God will rearrange the stars into a special script for you...

a fortune cookie strip of joy. a secret message, a puzzle



There are the stars of purple framed night

streaming peace, pouring light


Some call occupying oil, pharmaceutical and war profiteer cartels

"the US" but we the people of America

from Sacramento to Schenectady

reject such syndecdoches


One by one in many countries they break through the ice of fear.. cups of crocuses .. stand up in caucuses .. East to West from Africa to the Caucusus and show their eternal allegiance to the maker of their sun: Creator of all of us.


Those who wend their way on the opposite

side of the road are not our foes. Each stays within the

lines as peace on both sides goes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

                     22 countries bombed by your "presidents"

                     Here is a list of the countries that America has been at war with -
                     and bombed - since the second world war: China
                     (1945-46, 1950-53),
                     (1950-53), Guatemala (1954, 1967-69), Indonesia
                     (1958), Cuba (1959-60),
                     the Belgian Congo (1964), Peru (1965), Laos
                     (1964-73), Vietnam
                     (1961-73), Cambodia (1969-70), Grenada (1983), Libya
                     (1986), El
                     Salvador (1980s), Nicaragua (1980s), Panama (1989),
                     Iraq (1991-99),
                     Bosnia (1995), Sudan (1998), Yugoslavia (1999). And
                     now Afghanistan.

                     During WW 2
                     Japan 1945.. became the only country on which a hydrogen bomb
                     was unleashed.. the bomber pilot lives in Columbus Ohio
                     .. Dresden, Germany Winston Churchhill and Franklin Roosevelt
                     bombed Dresden. Tens or hundreds of thousands of civilians died.
                     (Neither was necessary to win the war)

Russia is estimated to
have killed 1.2 million
Afghan civilians in the
10 year bombing and
bombardment campaign

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