Not smallpox

also called cow pox

also called kine pox

but a small pax

.. a peace

which begins

with you and me

.. a candle flame

of affirmation..

.. as melting snowdrops

become a trickle and a pour

.. so are all prayers


Perfect peace

spawns lasers of

consciousness shift.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Smallpox is cow pox or kine pox
                 .. another of the many diseases originating in the slaughter
                 and consumption of animals  There are thousands of diseases
                 such as anthrax, ptomaine, trichinosis (pork worms)
                 brucellosis, ecoli (colon bacteria) salmonella

                 Smallpox vaccine as a cause of AIDS in Africa has been documented
                 by Pierce Wright, science editor of the London Times,
                 President Mkebi of S Africa, Dr Len Horowitz and thousands
                 of others. 17 countries with most AIDS incidence matched
                 exactly in order the 17 countries with the most smallpox vaccine.
                 Zaire, Zambia, Haiti, Brazil among top 5

                 Now the pharmaceutical industry which runs the FDA, NIH,
                 CDC, and USDA wants to further impoverish America with
                 a 300 million dose purchase of this lethal vaccine.

                 Edward Jenner began vaccination
" An inquiry into the causes and effects of the
                                    Variolae Vaccinae, a disease discovered in
                                    some of the western counties of England,
                                    particularly Gloucestershire, and known by the name
                                    the cow-pox"
                                   President Mkebi of
S. Africa, Pierce Wright,
former science editor
of the London Times
(before it was taken
over by Rupert Murdoch's
anti Palestine network)
Dr Len Horowitz and
thousands of others can
document that smallpox
vaccine caused AIDS..
now Jerry Levin's CNN
wants to promote the
govt's purchase of
300 million doses of
this toxic vaccine.
Meanwhile military officers have
petitioned for a withdrawal
of the anthrax vaccine
made by Bioport which
has caused death,
102 court martials
and hundreds of resignations
from the military.

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