Not Infidels .. Not Going to Hell

Some Muslims think

everyone else is an infidel.

Some Christians think

everyone else is going to hell.

Some Jews think

your name must be Rosen

to be with the chosen.

Some Buddhists think

it's ok to kill.

Some Brahmins think

everyone else is untouchable.

Some Adventists think no

one else is among the 'elect'.

Some atheists think

that all theists are stupid.

As the zenith sun is

visible from all windows

so does God illuminate

every path to God.

Everyone arrives.

All paths are holy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

GOD who is Holy
Spirit, Divine Mother,
Great Spirit, Abba, Shiva,
Krishna, Father, YHWH,
Kwon Yin, the Essence of
Buddha.. in all scriptures
teaches nonviolence,
tolerance, love, peace,
respect, joy.

All paths are beautiful
All paths lead to God.

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