Blue Chalk Crosses



A vision of blue chalk crosses

such as at Arlington Cemetery..

scrawled on a blackboard..

they can still be erased..

peace begins with you

peace begins with me

peace in thought word

and deed

in prayers

by hearts freed..

peace at the end of our forks

peace at the end of our tongues

Oh Woodrow, you never recovered

from the site of those many thousand

crosses in France, marking the

unncessary deaths of farmers' sons

and widows' boys...

caught between the banks of England

and Germany.


Poppy wreaths placed on

the stone

remember one whose youth

was stolen as he ran out of


to honor him sweet blooms

they scotch... they pluck

Now mercenaries in Afghanistan

fight with natives over

the poppy trade.. who will

be in control?

the ghosts of dead poppies

wreath the battlefields

(Jane Reichhold's haiku capsulizations

have mentioned the Ottawa demonstration

in which poppy wreaths were put on the

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In 1972 300 people in the US died from smallpox vaccine, none
from smallpox. This ended the US program. Thereafter, it was
nonAmericans subjected to the vaccine, and the pharmaceutical
dominated US was instrumental in convincing the World Health
Organization to vaccinate many countries' populations.

AIDS was spread throughout Africa by the use of smallpox vaccine
developed on cows whose stomachs were knifed.. and then sprayed.
Then the scab was scraped off and powdered. It contained
BLV, bovine leukemia virus, the same disease as HTLV in a different

Pierce Wright of the London Times printed that a 17 country exact
match of those with the most vaccine and those with the most AIDS
shows Zaire Zambia Brazil and Haiti were targeted.
The odds of this occurring naturally are virtually uncountable.

The pharmaceutical-Likud complex which runs our junta
has told us that this set is developed on mammals but the next
set will be developed on eggs (which account for a large proportion
of food poisoning fatalities annually. Among other things
salmonella is passed through the egg to the fetal chick from
the mother.)

This month the Israeli Health Ministry lied to Lisa Mullins on
WGBH/NPR/BBC about their compulsory smallpox vaccine.
. there are many more negative side effects than they admitted to
. the cow pox which they said some contracted is not a different
disease from smallpox. Smallpox is a name given to cow pox (kine
to disassociate it from animal eating as anthrax is a new
name for wool sorters' disease.
. they omitted telling people who are profiting in Israel from
the vaccine. Glaxo Smith Kline is profiting from it in the US

Dick Cheney, Enron coconspirator, said on a network show that
many would get sick or die from smallpox vaccine. Some estimates
are that if every American were vaccinated, 75,000 would die
from the vaccine.


Our soldiers are innocent victims required by the military
. to offer their lives
. to offer their bodies as guinea pigs for horrible side effects
of anthrax and smallpox killer vaccines
. to offer their minds to their commanding officers rather than
their God

General Tommy Franks with his dissociation and his video game
wars (only real on the other end) is lying.

The Secretary of the Army, Tom White, made 62 million at Enron.

The pharmaceutical industry is the most powerful industry in the

This week the Ohio Dept of Health, pawns of the medico narco
pharmaco industrial complex, announced they will beginning
vaccinating 'health' workers.

Today Morning Edition of National Polluters' Radio
(NPR) promoted egg nog.. failing to mention that
. each egg is 300 mg of artery clogging sludge: cholesterol
. each egg is 120 gallons of production water
. each egg is 32 hours a chicken was confined
in a 3 ft cage with 5 to 8 mates
. each egg is potential food poisoning,
. fertilized eggs mean a skillet full of claws
beak and blood

In the same program NPR mentioned that 500 million tons
of animal sewage are generated daily in American
factory farms and that the Bush junta is attempting
to make you and me PAY polluters to clean up.

What's in the sewage generated by factory farms:

. female hormones (in urine) epidemic reproductive cancers
. antibiotics .. epidemic resistance
. mercury causes brain damage and memory loss
. salmonella
. thousands of other diseases
. residue from the medications given the captive animals

by Emily Dickinson.. one
of her many poems about

Success is counted sweetest
By those who ne'er succeed.
To comprehend a nectar
Requires sorest need.

Not one of all the purple host
Who took the flag to-day
Can tell the definition,
So clear, of victory,

As he, defeated, dying,
On whose forbidden ear
The distant strains of triumph
Break, agonized and clear.

Bush has actually asked not for 48 billion but for 600 billion more over the next 10 years.. for his armaments buddies, such as the Carlisle Group, whose head
Frank Carlucci has
financial connections
to the elder Bush. The
Carlisle Group has
received 11 billion
to manufacture obsolete
80 mm howitzers.

Diane Rehm: Some people are making a lot of money
off this war.

> re the US as nonsignatory to the virtually universal ban on
> landmines, the US is now training bees to be landmine sniffers
> .. (along with humans and dogs). The bees are lied to..
> they are made to associate TNT with positive reinforcement..
> and are blown apart when they point out land mines.
> Leonardo: I do not eat honey. It is theft from bees
> * (in his Notebooks)
> Soldier Children of the Poor: Casualties of Corporate Power
> 1. In many different plane crashes caused by malfunctioning
> dozens of Marines, Rangers, and Army personnel have died since Sept
> 2. The US is one of a handful of nonsignatories to the landmine ban
> treaty
> of the UN. US personnel have been harmed by land mines in
> and elsewhere.
> 3. The Rumsfeld/ Ashcroft/ Bush Cheney group has instituted
> interrogation
> policies which have caused the deaths of Mike Spann and Daniel
> Pearl and put all US military at risk asthe boomerang returns.
> 4. The anthrax vaccine has caused deaths and hundreds of illnesses
> while over 100 have been courtmartialed rather than be subjected to
> its toxicity.
> 5. Agent Orange impacted besides the delicate environment of Desert
> Storm.. US
> personnel who have contracted cancer from the herbicide.
> 6. Napalm means No Palms.. and has caused cancer in US Vietnam vets
> It also damaged the fragile environment of Vietnam, filling the
> earth and water systems with toxins which cause cancer to
> the Vietnamese. Now the US DEA with offices in 56 countries
is attempting to further its unelected power as it seeks public
support through NPR's Diane Rehm Show and elsewhere to destroy
crops in Afghanistan and Colombia. The Counterintelligence Project
(COINTELPRO) papers of the US government indicate the CIA has
sought to control drug trade for many decades in Panama, Vietnam,
Colombia, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Having a captive population
of addicts is something sought by the black ops (dirty tricks)
dept. of intelligence agencies.
7. Poor men and women die while others receive sub minimum wage to
> protect the investments of billionaires.
> * Lynne Cheney wife of the VP sits on the board of Lockheed,
> contractor.

A caller to a network
show mentioned that it
is unwise for the govt to cause its power to be
amassed in 1 place.. with
Osama Bin Laden as a decoy. The experience of
the Russians with thousands
of dead soldiers in Afghanistan, and the experience of American
soldiers in Black Hawk
Down are lessons.
99% are opposed to terror..but many want
terror fought nonviolently. The Jew
Jesus, the Russian Tolstoy, the Indians
Gandhi and Buddha,
the American Susan
B Anthony.. are some
who have taught us that
nonviolence begets

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