Flag Flame

Over 200 countries' flags..

       most not soft pastels

               of rainbow harmony.. but

                     harsher colors..

    many in conflict with each


             Spirit's flag not a crimson

               symbol of the spilled blood

    of innocents. It is

              the flame..


                                     light and peace.

God needs no armies

to defend us.

YHWH sent the Red Sea

after the Pharoah's men

Abba multiplied the light

of candles.

God used Joshua's horn

to bring down

the walls of Jericho.

Krishna's Pandavas

chose Him.

The bad Kauravas

chose His army.

Nothing is Caesar's

                 Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's

                 and to God what is God's said

                 Jesus. .. leaving it to us

                 to discover after a long time

                 that nothing is Caesar's..

                 Those who commit larceny by trick

                 forfeit the right to their

                 stolen goods.

He would not use his mind

as a laser of elimination

but as a healing


of illumination.

          He pledged allegiance only to that flame

           of his own Spirit dancing to

           the Wind moved by the Whispers

           of God...no flag stained

           glass diluting the power between

           him and the sun.

           ....no flag grid between

           hid mind and that of God.

           Only 1 master.. his own conscience

           wed to the Higher Power.


an older woman

with white hair like

wool.. unshorn

is out with violent


in the light

of the gentle morn




Arun Gandhi continues his grandfather's work with

an institute for nonviolence in Tennessee.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

God is beyond gender. God is spirit. The word pneuma in Greek.. used
       sometimes to speak of the Holy Spirit.. is feminine. Noah's Ark is now petrified..
       and sticks out of the NW slope of Mt Ararat in Turkey .. many thousand feet up
         In The Bhagavad Gita, Krishna lets the foes of the good choose Him or His
                       army. They choose the latter and lose.

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