African Hearts, Polish Horses, Women as One

O Abba, O Allah, O YHWH

to You we give thanks

that in time

Polish horses

defeat Nazi tanks

that in time

defenseless African

hearts beating as one


the machine guns

of Cecil Rhodes


Seminoles & Shawnee

Shiawassee and Cherokee

who died protecting their trees

win now over

woods raping

bulldozers backed

by rifles

that unprotected


rising as one

defeat the belts

and boots

of programmed men

that the pen of Rumi

is mightier than

the 'daisycutters'

of the American coup d'etat

that the music of

the life of Cesar Chavez

reached beyond the

money of plutocrats

directly into America's


and that the cries

of billions of animals

begin to echo

in heartcaves

.. their resonance

brings down the pillars

of the past


In the skies of warriors

There are purple hearts

and silver stars

and dominating generals

with their multicolored bars

and crimson, from

the blood of innocents

and grey, from the despair

of refugees

and green

.. gangrene

from limbs shot off

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