One Thousand Paper Cranes of Sadako

The love of his father

turned Pinocchio into a real boy.

The love of the sun

sparks the seed.

The love of

Sadako her

paper birds freed.

We watch them come alive



Author's Notes/Comments: 

reposted from Kathleen's
Sadako was only a child when the horror of Hiroshima happened.(A Nucleur
Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima at he end of 2nd World War in Japan) Ten years
later she was diagnosed with radiation sickness. Before she died it was her
quest to make One Thousand Paper Cranes. It is Japanese tradition that
anyone who makes One Thousand Paper Cranes would have a strongly held wish
come true. Sadakos' wish was for World Peace. She only managed to make 644
Cranes before she died. On her death bed she said quietly, holding up one of
her cranes

"I will write Peace on your Wings and you will fly all over the World"

Here's the Idea;
For as many people - whatever their age or background - to make as many of
these Paper Cranes, towards Peace in your Community, Country and the World.
We propose that you send these Cranes to local Politicians, the Minister for
Foreign Affairs in your Country or a place where you would like the people
to know that you want Peace.
The more people that do this - the better the impact!!!
We suggest that you go to places of Worship, Schools, Community Groups and
your Workplace to oragnise people who will make them.

This is the Website address - There are 3 pages:

These cranes seem to be quite difficult on the first or second try but once
you have practised, you can make them within a few minutes. It works quicker
if you can show people how you do it and give them the instructions/website
so they can practise. If you already know how to make these - teach other
people!! The quicker this is under way the better

Please let me know if you're willing to do this and how you're getting on.If
you need any advice on making the cranes - Just let me know and I see what I
can do. The Website address that I've given here is the best one I can find
but there may be another website that would better.
Please be patient.

For more information you can contact us at



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