The 'Prolife' Vote


I plan to vote third party in 2024... Green, Libertarian,

Socialist or other, but not for either duopoly party.

Donald Trump bombed 6 countries,

violated the law in executing (murder by government)

   more federal prisoners than at any time since WW 2,

encouraged police not to protect prisoner heads in putting them into cars,

encouraged crowds to be violent to protesters,

expanded the number of species whose members could be killed

    and the varieties of ways this could be done as at the advice of

    his trophy hunter son he nominated a trophy hunter to

    'protect' US animals as head of the Department of Interior,

sold murdered corpse pieces in his restaurants, from cows' muscles to frogs'


ended the ban on beekilling insecticides (apicides)

and then received the endorsement of many 'prolife' voters.

Because Catholic bishops and other antiabortion groups gave

their votes to Bush 1 and 2, there were 3 more wars, 2 in Iraq

and America's longest war, 20 years in Afghanistan with

millions of deaths or other casualties, including the death of pregnant women, aborted by bombs.

In my humble opinion, it is wrong to eat the dead bodies of

murdered mammals, birds or fishes or their stolen milk and eggs. But the world is not ready for that to be a law.  It seems

terribly wrong to abort a third trimester baby who is obviously

viable outside the mother.  Polled Americans, a majority, have

supported first trimester abortion, been mixed about second

trimester, and have opposed third trimester abortions.  Should

this decision be left to legislatures in which men vastly outnumber women?  Countless millions of women have died

in childbirth and in pregnancy with everything from sepsis to

placental abruptions. The only reason I am still in a body is

that when I at 6 months pregnant lost consciousness as my placenta broke away and I fell into a pool of my own blood, I had been standing in an emergency room.

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