Going Back In Time



The present US attorney general

wants to bring back firing squads and


while only 10% of US states in 2020 and

only 20 of 195 countries in 2019

have conducted prisoner murder



Michigan hasn't had an execution since 1837, Wisconsin none since 1853, Maine none since 1887.

On Dec 10, 2020 Brandon Bernard after 21 years in jail was

murdered because of the actions of the 'prolife' AG, the 'prolife' resident of the White House, and the 5 'prolife' Republican Catholics and 1 'prolife' Republican Episcopalian on the Supreme Court.

Not since 1889 until this month has a lame duck administration murdered a federal prisoner. The prisoner was a black man sentenced by an allwhite federal jury.


The Huffington Post reported that 5 of 9 surviving jurors who

sentenced Bernard to death asked for clemency as did his prosecutor, several congresspersons, 23 current and former prosecutors, the editorial board of the Washington Post, and lawyers Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr.


 Premeditation has evolved to have the connotation of violence while meditation is a spiritual exercise promoting peace and nonviolence. Judges

on the Supreme Court have become serially killing exectioners premeditating

their murder of prisoners, with a pen as the weapon.


"The state cannot give life but demands the right to take it."  Frederick C Davis and

   Harry O Hoyt'

None of us should be judged by the worst moments in our lives.   Helen Prejean.


Charles Darwin called judicial execution an act of premeditated murder and termed those humans who clamor for capital punishment hyenas.

Agatha Christie: "The judge murders within the law". Some report the family may now have 'closure'. There is no closure in

vengeful continuation of the cycle of violence.





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