Daddy called me last night

because he heard me cry

He said, "I know your hurting

but seven years passed since I died.

Go on with your life, you have

a family of your own.

And look at your two sisters

my, how they have grown.

One almost a high school

graduate, and I am so proud.

Let her know I will be watching

her from my special cloud.

The other one growing up so

beautiful and smart.

Tell her I still love her

with all my heart.

And your mom grew to be

so strong and brave.

Make sure she knows she's

worth every breath I gave.

Let my family know that

they tried their best.

But they have to let me

go, so I can rest.

My Dad has been waiting

for far too long.

But I couldn't leave, until I

knew you were all strong.

So keep a piece of me

always in your heart.

And know that this way

we won't be apart.

I hope you all receive

this message that I sent.

Priority First Class Mail, is

the way that it went.

So, as I walk up the golden

stairs to Heaven,

I love you all and can't

wait to see you again."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem when my dad's anniversary came around. I had a dream about him and when i woke up, this poem came to my head.

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