Last night I had a dream about you

I wanted to stop it but there was nothing I could do

I had a dream that we were still together

But now I know you could never remember

Remember the gentleness as we touched

That's one thing I miss so much

The kisses you gave me were so very sweet

And that warm smile you gave me to greet

At first I thought it was an infatuation

Then you gave me the feeling of great sensation

There was, between us, instant attraction

And we filled the rest with love and satisfaction

But you left me alone

My heart felt heavy, like a stone

You just left me, nothing I could do

But I had to face the facts and believe it was true

That love had failed and came my rejection

You rejected our love and my precious affection

Some day my skies will once again be blue

I have nothing now, but my dreams of you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Feeling sad because the person i was dating cheated on me and left me

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