Footnote: After January 9th, 1978

A multitude of

gray, dismal days followed

our break-up.  Even

my own shadow vanished, not

wanting to be seen with me.


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I always thought the

I always thought the description "instant classic" was an oxymoron, but the word that instantly beamed in my mind as I read this impeccable gem was "classic". You struck gold and it deserves a place in a pantheon of immortal poems. I mean that.


Congratulations on this.

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Thank you so very much. 

Thank you so very much.  Sometimes I am still haunted by that debacle, even after forty-five years.  It became the line of demarcation that separated time into the past to which I could not return, and the present that did not, back then, seem very conducive to people like me.  It still haunts me once in a while, and from such hauntings poems like this issue forth, so I write them down.

I am so very grateful that you commented on this one.  Your validating words make me feel better about the poem.  Thank you for reading and commentong.