What about you?

I think some people only love,
and cannot be loved. 
As in,
when it comes to loving,
they can love wholly; 
and they will love hard and
But in terms of being loved,
they will not accept any of it;
and they find it hard to believe 
that there is love to be returned.

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sure seems true. it's not my end,it was his end. baffled me.


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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Have you been SPYING on me? Your piece breaks it down so well! You get a 4.9/5 .  We don't give a Five to anyone, but you DO have the highest score..lol. Thanks for this poem. cheers



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I can fully relate to this

I can fully relate to this thank you for sharing.


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It's much easier to give it

It's much easier to give it than recieve.

To recieve, we gotta unlock the chambers.


Personally, I been trying to get better at reception.

Also, think progress is being made.

But thats just me.

I'm just trying to say I relate.

it ain't easy to allow ones self to receive love.


ps: I like your writings. Just read through a few more of them. :)

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