If only the years were knowledge.

when I was a kid, 

I was often told by those older than me

when I asked any sort of question relating to things that weren't 'apporpriate' for children of my age to think about,

"You'll understand when you're older".

and with that I was left to figure out the world on my own time, in a thought process that needed to know more at every second

but still unable to shake the innocent heart and forgiveness of the kid I was. 


As I have grown I've acts of the most benign kindness and most vial cruelty. 

but I still do not understand why people are so mean.

How can one human treat another human so poorly without even knowing them. 

Hatred is taught not an instict passed on.  

Who taught you to hate? 


I am older now. 

I understand why you drank.  

I understand the drugs. 

I understand the worrying. 

the crying. 

I do it too. 

I understand why you left. 

I understand why you told to me not to speak my heart to those that I do not know well. 

I understand why you taught me to fight. 

I understand why they loved my hair. 

I understand why people were afraid of me. 

but after all this time, 

I do not understand




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You are right

But I believe that there is Inherent evil

How ever it may be passed on .

We are a compliation of our Past.

Traits are Traits

And it is Hard to break the Mold.