I haven't even started typing yet.

A self made man,

with a smile that leaves the corners of his mouth folded

like a love note.

Leaving impressions in his cheeks

telling my thumbs where to go 

when I hold his face

to stamp his lips with every letter of affection 

that I've hid behind. 

Metal grazing me as I type away 

lips pierced as if saying, 


I've never listened to warnings before.

why start now?



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Done. Thoughts, comments, concerns?

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I like this very much. It

I like this very much. It gives form to the duality, fear and fantasy. All of the directions a path could take from this point that would be out of the writer's control. It's as if the writer is creating this character like an iragami figure, the way I might idealize a love interest I haven't properly evaluated yet. But as he becomes something of his own will, the dangers of trusting the perogative of another being become the paradox. Well done.