To my fifty shades of fu**ed

Here I'm your deepest emotion,

A being that possesed you, 

caught between a word,

you stumble to find opportunity,

my words are fierce and paralyzing,

keeping you at the edge of your seat,

ever soon you will fall into oblivion,

consumed by my heat,

I take your body onto a platform,

were i do my most carnal acts,

in this realm the words are left seared,

for your excitement keeps you boundless,

yet your a slave to my desires,

i love to treat you bad,

for in this day and age bad is good,

and my good is not good for it will resurect your youngest mind,

lost in a chemical concoction,

you realize this is the limit,

a height inwhich no higher feeling is possible,

sweat, tears and sleepless nights,

for your touch just a once more,

i long for your frame,

for im your picture. 


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