It Must Have Been Me

June 2010


I might've said I'd wait a lifetime, but the pain is just too much,
I long to hold your hand in mine, just anything for a grasp of warmth,
your thought alone does so much, yet I wish there was a way for us to be,
but recently I have learned, that there can be nothing between you and me.
My god you stay beautiful, with time it seems to only grow,
I wish you saw the same thing in me, that night I wiped your tears,
at first we were just friends, then New Years happened for a reason,
there must be a point to being patient, must be a point to these tears.
I'm drinking from the cup of confusion, diving into a roll,
I'm not myself, which is why your feelings dropped,
but you have stayed the same, only growing in age beauty and maturity,
you're nothing short of an angel, no matter how sad I become.
It must have been me, that wrapped you with the kiss,
the moments your hands grabbed my face, I was thrown momentarily in your life,
but the seconds seem more milli, the minutes seem like seconds,
I would do anything for a night out with you, as soon as I correct the problem,
that must be me...
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This was so profound and I love how deep and passionate your poems seem. It feels like your writing to every girl out there. Awesom write :)

Silver__lining's picture

i write to anyone who needs

i write to anyone who needs love    ^__^

can you hear me now?

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nice...not alot people admit

nice...not alot people admit that they were a problem

i been there n back, Im happy to be back