Heartfelt Departure

January 2010

What goes down, always must come back up,
what is wrong, with seeing the half full cup?
Broken hearts, are constantly pleading,
that the person they completely love, will not soon be leaving.
Somewhere out in the world, a person is presently crying,
a couple is now over, a lover continues her lying,
a cheater is rethinking, the backstabber starts her smiling,
the deaths continue to add up, like garbage it has started piling.
To me you are the thief, and my heart has been stolen,
the night you said goodbye, my tongue was painfully swollen,
I see you now as a selfish ugly person, my heart you continuously shattered,
you are the sole person who proved, that love must have never mattered.

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craziiseciicooll's picture

amazing! esp. the last two lines.