I Used To...

I used to feel love, within my heart,
speaking what I thought to be true, saying we would never part,
I used to be able to smile, now all I do is cry,
I used to feel that there was no denying, the nervous feeling of butterflies,
but now I must call out your flaws, I truly must inspect,
but how can I find wrong, in someone so perfect?
I used to feel complete, now I only feel hollow,
and seeing you unhurt about all this, just adds to the sorrow,
I used to live outside my head, now what else can I do,
noticing there is clearly a you without me, when there will never be a me without you.
I used to think love, was strong and oh so tough,
but just like playing blackjack, love called out my bluff,
now I think of how I used to be, wondering how much more my heart can take,
when in 3 years and 8 months, all I get is another heartbreak.

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