Tower Falls So Hard

You came into my life, so sudden and so quick,
thought you would stay for longer, figured I would never be heatsick,
but as sudden as you arrived, it seems too fast that you left,
there is no one to call, when there is an emotional theft,
not only of your heart, but of the steel that kept you strong,
the support system of my tower is missing, and it certainly will not stand for long.

But on the day when I felt, like for the second time I was booted,
my friends came to the rescue, and made sure I was rerooted,
but no matter how sound it looks, or how much it can be flipped,
your hands are the only ones, that can make sure my roots are ripped.

Now those missing steel parts, I must recreate inside of me,
for the only way to stand, is to branch out like a tree,
and I know it will be hard, and always seem wronger,
but what does not kill me, will only make me stronger.

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