Sleeping With a Broken Heart

Lay in your bed, hoping to sleep but instead you can do nothing,
but get comfy in your head,
wonder where it went wrong, who played what part,
but the outcome of it all, is a shattered heart.
You try to hide the pain, even if your heart is on your sleeve,
and everytime a memory pops up, you find it hard to breathe,
you have not felt this alone, for so damn long,
also thinking you will awake from the dream,
but waking up to find her still gone.
Never thought I would ever miss a smile, you have an everlasting grin,
that will not seem to leave, figure it will take a while,
for me to learn to say your name, and not feel in the corner of my eye,
a lonely tear drop slowly from my nose,
it is true in the end, the worst part of believe,
is when you learn, it was all a lie.

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