Back to Good

Take sometime, and take a breath, and let yourself let go,
but everyone around you seems, to be moving way too fast,
you can not catch up, simply out of reach, you are moving way too slow,
you thought you would make it for some time, but nothing will ever last.

Used to be happy, now your mind sets up a guard,
but one day someone will knock down your wall,
and you will be left broken again, and it is not supposed to be this hard,
because everytime you fall in love, you always seem to be the one who does the fall.

I do not want to let go, and watch you walk away,
you may have changed but I still love you, I truly would have wished you would stay,
I feel like the fool in the love play, and boy did I play my part,
but at least I was not acting in love, like you played with my heart.

Back to good, I hope I realize,
that beauty is not only in your eyes,
and the way it should have been, was the two of us falling in love again,
but since you left, I have felt so shallow,
sick and tired of feeling this sorrow,
and now i need to tell you, love is where I have always stood,
because I need you in my life, or I will not go back to good.

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"Back to good, I hope I realize,
that beauty is not only in your eyes"

Do not forget how true your own words are. Never allow past experience to steal away that simple truth. I've read several of your pieces, and I can really relate to them.