Highway Exit # 1232

My life, my long life, can be compared to that long road,
that long pavement road with hundreds of exits,
everyone is going too fast, seems I can not seem to slow down,
and I do not know my destination.
Only a piece of paper, says I started off in New Jersey,
went to New York, California, then back to New York,
and the destination is a word that is incomprehensible.
It is one of those unlockable parts of your life,
since at my age I do not know where I will be when I bite the dust.
But I can look at all the exits,
they seem to represent important parts of my love life,
that just left my highway as soon as it seemed they were on it until that final destination.
There was exit #1011, exit #727, exit #ALM, exit #MASH,
even a few smaller exits that converge back on my highway,
but their road is never the same.
Then there was exit #1232, when she joined me on my long trip,
she ventured off for a mile or two but came back to my highway,
and we stayed going North for quite a while.
But one day I hear from my GPS,
"now arriving at exit #1232,"
and just like that she was gone.
But all I have got to do is just tell myself,
no matter how big of an exit it may seem,
just like the exit prior to it,
there will always be another merger on the horizon.

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