Completely Happy

With words that barely move

You’re still not here,

So much to improve.

This is almost to much to take

It’s something that makes everything inside of me shake.

It’s something that makes everything inside of me break.

If I had to pick the last words I were to speak to you,

I would tell you how beautiful you are.

But I’m sure that’s something you already knew.

Back, you are in my heart

With few words to say

But with every new start

My body shall rejoice

With sympathy and compliments

Without even a choice

I’m running back,

To where ever you lay

Stopping with the impact,

But without the dismay

I know this motion is a one-way thing

But still I continue sing

While with him

Nothing goes slim

I’m running back to you,

To where ever you are,

Let it be a block or two,

Or somewhere so very far.

I will find you

And in that you will find me

And we can be free and light

And even completely happy

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