Always waiting

You've got to stop this now,

I'm already on my 12th heart this week,

And I'm starting to leak blood.

I saw you in the darkness of the day,

You made me shake, just like them.

And I should of known it wasn't meant to be.

What am I doing wrong?

Why am I always waiting?

Why do they always avoid it, when they know it kills me?

I am nothing till I find you, and I bless that distant day

I just want us to be and us to love

and I want this to end and this to shatter,

Into smaller pieces then that you gave me, it's not enough

I never asked for this, and up until now I thought I was going well.

Until I saw them standing with warm hands

I'm always waiting for you, the perfect other

The one to stop it all and make it all start.

Why look at something so far away?

Why breathe when it hurts this much?

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oh oprah

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