The Towns People

The towns people don't know what to do with the time they had,

So they found some lifeless numbers and started to add.

It's not what you're looking at, it's what you forgot to see,

They look for a god, anything at all, they just want to believe.

Listen to their yells!

"Oh Jesus I have sinned and I have plan to do it again during my 9 to 5,

But if you still forgive me maybe I'll be more hesitant next time!"

They need direction, no no they need a government election!

Someone to love, someone to mock.

Someone to fix their biological clock.

Now, give them shelter, give them a home,

A place to recreated, a place to call their own.

Make more babies, Earn more bills,

Spread more rabies, Pave more hills.

Oh, the towns people they need need need.

The more and more they breed breed breed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

uhhhh Regina Spektor is GOD.
but hey check it I wrote a poem that has nothing to do with me! :)

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