You're getting me angry and hey look I got a knife,

I'm not worried about you, I'm more worried about my life.

You're never listening, I'm sick of pretending.

I'm standing right in front of you but you're missing the messages I'm sending.

I don't belong here, I'm not them.

I know I'll never see 'em again

Why am I even here at all?!

If I want death so bad, why don't I give hell a call?

Everyday is just a countdown to when my parents bury me underground,

They'll just bring flowers to my grave and aimlessly stand around,

And leave just in time to catch the ten o'clock news,

To hear what the suicidal kids are using as their own noose.

It was the glasses you broke, the forgiveness never earned!

It was the necks you choked, the love forver burned!

Don't you wish you could take it back!?

Don't you wish you could have me back?

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