So did this friendship





The absolutely


WORST thing that Facebook has done for humanity is programming that god damned four letter word into the java script of their useless messaging system

Humanity is vain enough, insecure enough, and crazy enough to think they know it all without Facebook’s freakin’ help

And now thanks to Facebook we have one million baboon cousins running around making assumptions and treating them like reality

I mean seriously its been twenty minutes!

You read that message, I saw the word, and it’s not a difficult question

So what in the world are you thinking about?

How hard can it be?

Yes, I never carried and I don’t really miss you I am just feeling lonely,

NO I am sorry you feel that way, that’s not my intent, insert real explanation for actions here,



Humanity had a chance before you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I kind of wanna stretch this out and make it a slam poem...

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