I broke like the condom

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The tree danced outside your window as your breath waged on through the napalm silence that covered my skin melting beneath the sheets

My thoughts were heavy and dense like lead

Sinking in the tidal waves of emotion I was too afraid to show you

It was reckless


The kind of thing that only fools do in love

Our food sat in bags on the kitchen table

Our cloths laid a wreck across the floor

Who needs to eat?

Who needs to dream?

Who needs to do anything but not not hold you?

Like the world will fall apart

Or our skin will melt off

So the tree could dance outside your window



Author's Notes/Comments: 

and we broke like me

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Beavis's picture


Simply wow! My Dear! From the title to the last line! ;-)

running_with_rabbits's picture


let me guess I have this in the wrong folder?

Much Love