You showed me who I was if I just let myself be me

A life full of laughter and love and fierce velocity

An unstoppable force, that is never forceful nor direct

But more just a constant standard of loving mutual respect

You brought out parts of soul I had let whither and die

And simply showed your faith pays off if you try

You showed me who I was when I didn’t know myself

You gave me a gift in knowledge that goes beyond wealth

You touched my life and it will never be the same

I am who I am today because of your bright flame



Author's Notes/Comments: 

its been ages since I wrote a cheesy rhyming poem, the kind of bad poem I wrote effortlessly in my youth, the kind of poem you would encourage me to be goofy enough to write right now, I miss you, I didn't even know how much I missed you until you weren't there to easily unmiss, thank you for who you were and are despite death, and I just want you to know...I'm going to start mailing post cards just for you

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