I want to go back to bed



I took another shower

To try and wash away my feelings for you

Turned it so hot my skin burned red with desire

I could barely breathe through all the steam

I closed my eyes and felt the water rolling down my body soft as the caress of your hand

Took deep gasping breathes of air into my lungs letting it fill me

From the ground up

Fogging my soul

Hoping to smoke you out

Stepped out of the shower

Wrapped the towel round my body

Still wishing it was you



Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Let's spend the afternoon in bed with three bottles of wine and laugh the day into the night and forget we don't have time...let's turn off the phones and be alone and forget about our lives, so that when you're gone and far away I can unearth you from my core and miss you all the more"

- Pennies by Kate Tempest


love that poem that woman can not only write but perform! made me stop and think..maybe I need to stop fighting things and start workign with them...just maybe....


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Never let the right one get

Never let the right one get away. He just be the right towel to wrap around yourself forever.

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I am not sure I think there is 'the right one' so much as better fits and such

either way there is a valid point in your comment :)

Much Love