Sex with him makes me miss sex with you



Maybe this is why I hate being alone

Because I bring so many people with me

Carry them just below my breast bone

Left side

Pumping their memories into my veins like bad heroin

Maybe that’s why I avoid places I have been

Coffee shops


Bus routes

Because I feel them

See them in their absence

Maybe that’s why I fill all my time

Force my blood to flow faster

Clear them out

Never letting it move slow enough to whisper their names

Maybe that is why I took the next bus

To finally let my blood cool

Sit with your ghost over coffee

So my heart can cuddle his body after whiskey

And be fooled into thinking I’ve left you behind



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Beatnik1979's picture

This is real poetry

I enjoyed this beautiful gloom you have created for my mind to over- indulge iself in. I felt it creep into my vein, then the familiar sting of the poisoned memories return, sparking an un expected aversion to "those places". 

and i know you already know the ones.  Bravo.

running_with_rabbits's picture


thank you

I am glad you enjoyed the read

Much Love


ramonathompsont's picture

From the title onward I was

From the title onward I was hooked on this powerful piece. Look forward to more!

running_with_rabbits's picture



Much Love