Sometimes I wish we all had Down syndrome



I watched a single man flash mob thought the window of my bus today

And all I could think of was how beautiful it was to see someone embrace themselves and life so fully

Unaware of other people and judgment

I wanted to take a video and share this moment with the world

And then I realised that some things don’t need to be remembered

Just felt then let go


Like his dance


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it isn't really such a bad world

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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:) no it is a beautiful world

:) no it is a beautiful world with bad moments :)

Much Love


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I like this, it's nice to see

I like this, it's nice to see someone with courage, and it doesn't have to be for others, maybe just for self. My only nitpick is the title could be better, it will hurt people with Downs and those who love them.....

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it is nice to see courage especially for self... I wish more people had the trust in them-selves to just be themselves. 


I agree the title could offend people, however, I have non-traditional views on offenses. I do not think this whole PC movement is healthy for humanity, it has begun to take away our responsibility for ourselves and our emotional well being and started making others responsible. To start with if that title offends them thenodds are  the point is lost and the meaning has failed to get across. But even more important, it is not on my shoulders to make sure I never offend anyone, its on me to make sure I like me, say what I feel needs to be said, and stay true to self. It is also on me to either not care or talk out when my actions or words offend someone, but it is not on me to prevent offenses. It is impossible, there is no way of speech that can possible avoid offending everyone. Even silence offends the right people. Therefore, if someone is offended it is their responsability to let me know and furthermore be willing to talk it out. The notion of 'that offends me' is nothing more than a new way of making someone change for you and in a sense bullying, I don't see how that is healthy for anyone.  The title is exactly what I mean to say and what the moment made me feel. That the people who view themsleves as 'better' due to not having Downs are missing out on all the ways those with Downs are 'better'. point being better is a lie, we all have value, and maybe the orld would do good to start learning that equaity is not all of us being the same its all of us being valued for where we differ. 


thanks for the comment



Much Love


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Great poem & I love looking through your eyes and your perception of this scene. I might have framed it in a completely context. Thanks for reminding me to find the beauty ;-)

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:) perspective...

anytime love <3

Much Love


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Beautiful... Would love to

Beautiful... Would love to see a flash mob, live.  

Relating to your last lines a lot...
Being out on the road and unable to document too much as living it is really where the thrill exists.

Some things cannot be translated. Words/Pictures, simply, do not do justice to first hand experience. 

© Ground

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I agree

nothing beats being in a moment!

Much Love