Sadly it did


Our romance should not have come down to this,

It started with a heart ache; ended with a violent kiss.

Lost inside a whiskey bottle; found within my mind,

And your need to be right is only making you blind.


Tainted by my memories, clouded by wrongful sex,

Leaving me with my feelings; apprehensively complex.

Your hands around my neck; lies entrenching my soul,

The moments you have stolen from me; my self control.


No, our romance should not have come to this,

Completely swallowed by your obsessive abyss.

Lost in the deep darkness of your neurotic brain

Seeping with ridicule, lies and overwhelming pain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hate the title, fuckin titles, I either get them or I REALLY DON"T!

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good title

I like the title... :)

Jason Minton
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thanks guys :)

thanks guys :)

Much Love