Match sticks



When you fill a room with gas and light a match

Everything burns

Right down to ash

In a matter of hours


Like it never existed


When you fill a person with manipulated words  

Everything darkens

Right down to the first kiss

In a matter of seconds


Like it never resisted


When you fill a heart with love and let it be

Everything sparks

Right down to your toes

In a matter of moments


Like it never twisted



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bishu's picture

Very nice thoughts Respected RWR

But again maybe a little flattery is the in thing in modern society.... Personally I hate gassing up anyone with nice words. ..... Best wishes from a Cauliflower



running_with_rabbits's picture

thanks love

I haven't been liking much of what I've been posting lately but it still feels nice to have good friends enjoy or at least read it :)

Much Love