Maybe we should sleep on it tonight



I woke up feeing numb and hallow

for the first time since our lips met

between moonlight and sun rise in

the heat of June’s promises


I woke up knowing that if you called

and wanted to talk to me today I’d say no

because I am not your constellation prize,

and I am worth you being in or out of this


that I wasn’t actually okay with two months,

I just wanted to be because I wanted you

and that the last week has shown me that

maybe I don’t want you as much as I thought


So when you first asked to speak to me I said no,

because I didn’t want to say anything I’d regret

then I realised that all I’ve wanted this entire time

was to speak to you, that everything else was fear


Which is probably why when we hung up the phone

with “I miss you” still lodged in my throat

I cried….



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This brings tears to my eyes

This brings tears to my eyes because of how much I can relate to it. You certainly know how to deliver a poem.

running_with_rabbits's picture


sorry to hear that you can relate, I am glad you enjoyed the poem, I am just sad to hear of your emotional discomfort

:) you certainly know how to deliver a comment! <3

Much Love