Beach House in My Mind

The sun lowers. Its worshippers scatter

As we both peer through the kitchen window.

This perfect silence could only shatter

In the mere few minutes before they go.

After the dishes, outside to the deck.

Beneath the stars we won’t speak for hours,

Me in your arms, your breath against my neck

As we bear witness to nature’s powers…

Soon I awake, salt air against my skin – 

You left me sleeping so serenely there.

The ocean’s roar dips as I go within,

Slipping beside you with greatest of care.

Still your eyes open and you pull me near,

Two lifetimes lived ‘till we found heaven here.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally released July 2015 on "A Day in the Sun."

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Starward's picture

Excellent sonnet form.

Excellent sonnet form.