Angel Eyes

There is a place beyond Humanity,

Beyond the sun, beyond the stars, beyond the Harvest moon.

Beyond sight, touch, or sound, far from the devastation of Man.

A place free of chaos, of fear, of death and darkness.

This place is filled with Light, blinding and unyeilding… Unforgiving.

This is nothing, and everything.

Chains, delicate as spiderwebs and strong as steel

Bind me; beautiful chains disguised by beautiful lies.


He is lovely, this fragile creature,

Needle still clutched in shaking fingers,

Eyes glazed and pouty lips slack with the power

Of the potent chemical poison flowing through his veins with every heartbeat.

His wrists are a maze of scars, a graveyard of broken dreams and a shattered soul,

Thin white lines that scream of a life filled with pain and blood.

Such a fragile thing, a paper thin black shadow against stark white walls.


His name flows from my lips, caramel words that drip sweetly in the air.

He shudders and moans, clutching himself in a desperate attempt to ward me off.

The air, stale and bitter, tastes of fear.

Light glints from a silver blade and another line of crimson mars pale flesh.

Death is close now; dark shadows lengthen to harold the claiming of this broken soul.

Chains conealed by beautiful lies: honor and duty, Light and Darkness.

Delicate strings of fate, do I return to my cage or fight for what was never mine?


Warm and wet, seductive and sweet, our lips meet in a carnal dance.

My soul pours in to him, a tidal wave of icy calm against the raging fire of human emotion.

Regret and despair, anguish and broken memories, all washed away.

Ice blue eyes blink in the darkness, crystal clear clarity swims to the surface.

Bloody fingers caress the white feathers restings against my back,

The golden collar at my throat, a cold reminder of the vows I have forsaken.


Death and darkness come for the soul marked as theirs.

My choice has been made, a bargain stuck in silence within this dirty room.

His fingers claw at me, eyes begging me to stay, even as fate tears us apart.

In shadow I am bound, razor wires replacing the golden band around my throat.

I am the broken one now, wings tarnished and shattered.

Minutes, days, years tick by beyond the damp stones of my person.


In the endless darkness, my captor sends me dreams.

My fragile human, grown strong, a vibrant soul once again,

Happy and healthy, whole once more.

For a brief moment, those ice blue eyes pierce my shattered soul.

For a moment, a split second, I am at peace before the image is washed away

And only darkness remains to swallow me.

White hot agony consumes me, hopelessly trying to devour me whole.

This is my eternal Hell, a price I pay gladly,

All for that sharp gleam of understanding in those Angel blue eyes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reposted with spelling mistakes fixed! :) I appreciate them being pointed out (and please point them out if you see anymore), and the constructive feedback. Spelling errors tend to happen when I'm using a different program, and doing too much at the same time! Yay work!


I have decided that the wording will remain the same. I do choose to use repetitive words, but always for a reason. Emphasis can be made many ways. In this poem, I choose to make that emphasis by using the same words throughout the poem. I apologize if this makes readers feel that this isn't my strongest work. Perhaps it isn't, but it's one I enjoyed writing nonetheless. As always, thank you for reading!

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intense and rediculously

intense and rediculously awesome.