Words that change it all

The Rest

Battering words cause an intake of breath
immediate pain, then a small quiet death
Apologies don't even touch these sides
This time you broke it, just look in those eyes

Downcast and fearful with chin on your chest
Conjuring platitudes, but none can wrest
this hurt from the air, this bleakness you made
As soon as said it was done and trust stays betrayed.

Maybe, in time, care will wear this away
Sloughing off layers until kindness holds sway
The ebb of days fades it, the flow dulls the edge
But in a mean little corner stay those words that you said.

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I offer

a crown of laurel, with which, you have invoked your muses I am sure by some rites of your own experiences. I concur with your eloquent and insightful ”Words that change it all”, I feel we come to understand the relation of difference between reality and the world of discourse most times without any critical consensus. Some hurtful words are said for whatever reason and that is a starting point for injury. And now you poet have evolved that  idea into a passionate poem. You are indeed a gifted poet, a poet in the tradition of Rimbaud, whom along with many other famous poets—demonstrates the same impulses and attitudes that leads the reader to become an enthusiast for what is on the page.



















"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot