Wordsmith in Cairo.

The walls of the academia (ivory tower) quaked,

As the voice of the grandiloquent,

The magician of words thundered,

The long expected one.  


Cairo University here i am (i come),

To ignite the  light to a people's heart,

Troubled with issues of life and death,

Make no mistake, i am the Messiah not.


I must play according to my time,

And put a legacy on your soil,

Because i bear a lighted lamp,

That posterity must come to see.  


I bring a testimony that all may hear,

For a just path is before you to choose,

That peace may reign within your bloc,

Though the path to destruction beckons.


My message is short but sure,

For all to spread that hear,

Our world so fragile as ever,

The future inevitably the present judge.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

President Obama in Egypt(Speech to the Middle East).

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