No self Confidence


Every time I look in the mirror
I see every curve
Of my body
I see the hair
That's on my body
I see the zits on
My body
I see the fatness
And imperfections
Of my body
I think to my self
And say why would
Someone want
I'm ugly
I'm fat
I'm covered on zits
I hate how I look
I wish I could look like
Movie star
Whose someone hot
Instead of me
I'm not pretty
I'm not skinny
I'm not sexy
I'm just a fat
Girl who doesn't
Deserve any guy
Or anyone to love her
I'm mental
I'm in need to not be me
All I want is to be skinny
And pretty
With a little curves
Is that a lot to ask for?
I just hate how I look
And wish to be someone
Else whose better
Than little old me

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I'm sure your over this. If

I'm sure your over this. If not, you should be. Your awesome in every way.