Peaceful Easy Feeling

Mr. M

How can I descibe
This feeling
I get when I'm with you?
It such a great feeling
But cant even understand
What it is?
How can I go describe
This feeling
When I cant say or
Believe I have felt
This way with any
Other man before
So how do I describe
This feeling?
Where should I start?
How should I begin?
All these things
I cant even begin
To describe
Especially about you
Their is just something
About you that
I dont know how or
Why gives me this feeling
I dont even know how to describe
Is nothing bad
But something really great
How hard it is for a poet
Not to have the right words
To describe something
Is so irritating
Hopefully soon I shall
With you by my side
The right words will eventually come

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word_man's picture

well i would call it love

well i would call it love cause that`s what it sounds like,,the name should be peaceful easy feeling

do you speak fluent red neck,,lol,i do