Love is a Two Way Street


So this is my heart ache
No matter who it is
Or how much I love them
Never matters
I feel as if I'm never
Ment to find love
And keep it
Either them or I
Do something to drift
Whether it be good
Or bad
It's what happens
Or at least it does for me
This is what it is
I'm not allowed to be
Until I learn to love
My self
Or maybe I'm blinded
By my past
To not see
What is truly there
And fall for the wrong
Person every time
Because I haven't
Completed what I am
Supposed to before
I can truly be happy

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Nicely written

Very lovely thoughts


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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love is a two way street

love is a two way street

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Thanks for the name I love

Thanks for the name I love it! I always have writers block with names for my poems so thank you so much!!!

♡Love my babies♡Niklas + Stephan❤ My journey has only began and yet, I get to enjoy it with my boys and my boy friend who inspires me more than he knows. 

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you`re welcome

you`re welcome