Neon Blues

She stands

    and the night spills

      through her fingers

as electric connections and

    neon musings

    etch her face

in scarlet razored

lines and lace.

Deliberate action takes me

     to her private circle and

I bask in the sun

     that is her smile, her eyes.

     Foraging for her


I’m disappointed,

      denied once again

       the epiphany

of her loving aspirations.

     But I know the

       right of it.

   I know the blues.

And Lucille’s singing


like I knew

    she would.           

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Sandy Cowan's picture

A lovely piece with some superb lines - "the night spills through her fingers" and "neon musings etch her face". Never mind, at least old BB's always there to pull you through.


Farah D's picture

excellent writing! "the night spills through her fingers"...those words really open a massive picture! truly enjoyed it! :-)

Tess Templer's picture

I really really love this one...neon musings, and more than the words..the feel of it....gets under your skin.

Lynne Douglass's picture

I like the imagery in this. (love your personal quote on the bio page ;)

Aimee Iglesias's picture

I'm so glad I found your pieces.
This reminds me of something floating a night sidewalk with smog and smoke and female singing.
Lost love and lamentation.