Season's Memories

The Rhythm of Love

Bring me back to November
Put me back under the Autumn sky
Take me back so I can remember
How it felt to have you on my mind
Take me back to that December night
When the chill of Winter had me wishing for the cold with you
Take me back to that New Year's chime
When I was holding onto the hope of loving you

I woke from a dream last night
One I've have a few times before
I was standing underneath the winter sky
On a mountain looking out at you
Coming up the hill, treading in the snow
Hot cup of coffee waiting in my outstretched hand
Back before you were the dream I'd never know
When I thought we had a chance
Laughing at the frozen day
Sliding right back down that hill with you
The three of us sharing the snowy ride
Staring deep into your loving eyes

I keep going back to those days
Aching to be there again
Oh, how that dream always replays
Echoes recoiling deep inside my head

Take me back to that November night
Put me back beneath that Autumn sky
Tell me that you love me one more time
Tell me that love can still be revived
Wake me up so I can feel alive
Gazing deep into those loving eyes

Tell me now that you still feel the way
You felt last Valentine's day
Take a chance at calling out my name
I'll be right here, yes right here, I'll remain
In the ashes of our frozen wake
We'll rise again if you still feel the same
There's no need to dwell on our mistakes
I'll be right here, yes right here, I'll remain

Take me back
Oh, take me back to that November night
Put me back
Oh, put me back beneath that Autumn sky

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As requested, a post proving that the rhythm of love is still alive and kicking

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Beautiful Roc! Brought me

Beautiful Roc! Brought me chills... love that! :)

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Thank you

Glad you enjoyed.
I'll try to write more 'loving' pieces...

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr