There's no yesterday
So let go of all the pain
And all the memories
Tomorrow's another day
Don't rush it into play
Because it will still wait

No past, no future, not time to fret around
No worries because today is what it's all about

There is no yesterday
And tomorrow never comes
There is only here and now today
To live, and learn, and love
There is no tomorrow
And yesterday has passed
This moment that you live in
Is all that ever lasts

No fear, no regrets, no hopes for which you strive
No giving in because these moments make your life

This life is built in moments
And all wounds heal with time
There's only now to deal with
Because every other day is out of sight
Life is what you make it
Go with what feels right
Life's too short to face it
While you worry all the time

So hold the hope you have inside
And always reach up to the sky
If you wait the world will pass you by
And you'll just run out of time

So give in to your heart's desires
Light a match and start a fire
No need to worry if it's right
Today will lead into tonight

This is the world of now
This is how you thrive
Living life right here and now
In this moment trapped in time

There are only moments
Little points in time
No fear of what you hope is
Coming across the line
Now is where you hold it
So keep today in mind
Don't think about what's over
Or what will come in time
If you waste your time with waiting
You'll just run out of life

Don't hold out for something better
Give in to the night
Don't keep waiting for forever
Or you'll run out of time

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right. and not a one of us

right. and not a one of us will ever 'have it all'. there is always something more to 'get' to make us feel like we 'have' something ---and we really have nothing at all except for this moment! lmao....!!  have to laugh but it is the only truth there really is!!


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "