Love Story, part II


And it has been said this time
This story’s come to pass
The memories inside have died
Far from the cycle’s blast

The man inside his memories
The woman in her mind
Found each other for a third chanced time
Both searching for new life
Neither knew the other one
Or that this was their third try
And after all that’s been undone
The find the pieces in the sky
Both searching just to find the one
Finding truth in the other’s eyes

No, this is no love story
But that can change with time
Right now it is a mystery
As this story’s days go by
No, this is not love story
It’s a tale about two lives
Both running from their history
On that path they did collide

Now, that man has found his happy
The woman reached her flight
And though this story may be sappy
It’s what we all want to find
The man who lost his senses
The woman void of cries
With each other in this instance
They will build a better life
Forged from what was senseless
Into a brighter light

This has become a love story
No longer separate lives
The man free from his history
The woman from her mind
Yes, this is now a love story
It has built up with time
Together making memories
That push the rest aside

Yes, this is their love story
I couldn’t let it die
They could not be just a memory
So I brought them back to life
So, this is a love story
A testament in life
For a man seeking his destiny
A woman’s fated cries

This is the love story
We all hope to find

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grandmomof3's picture

Love Story part 2

Amazing. It's like you were strumming my heartstrings.

Very Nice read...:)