The Change in Me


Oh, hey, umm, it's been a while
I'd say it's nice to see you, but as you know I don't tell lies
So before I walk away, I'll be civil and say "Hi"
As "let's never do this again" passes through my mind

You say that I seem different
Well thanks for noticing the change in me
What's changed, you ask, well, let's see
I decided that I'm better at being me
Than anyone will ever be
At pushing me around
I'm better at standing on my own two feet
Than anyone will ever be
At knocking me to the ground

This was good, I needed to see
That you turned out worse than I ever imagined you would be
So long, farewell and thanks for noticing
The change in me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Is it 6 or 7 degrees of separation?...

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just a response poem for roc

i see the populars from my old classes

the plastics, now have little ones the passage

of time has not been kind  just as they werent

i smile and say hi, just like junior high i get no answer


i see people lookin worse than before

ROC said it, i dont mean to steal your words

but its true they went from beautious, to turds

while i have improved life for me beyond thurs


only one thing to say wish em the best

always knew id turn out better than em i confess

that i hold a hidden confidence

thats always told me, contradicting me, that im destined for greatness